Pathways in Grade 7 & 8

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The goals of the grade 7 and 8 Pathways to Success program include:

    • Ensure that students develop the knowledge and skills they need to make informed education and career/life choices using an effective inquiry process.

    • Provide opportunities for this learning and exploration both in and outside of the classroom.

    • Engage parents and the broader community to support students in their learning.

    • Ensure a smooth pathway transition into secondary school through classroom lessons, high school visits and the Head Start Program for new grade 9 students attending Ursuline College and St. Patrick's.

Structure of Career Planning Program

Outline of Career Planning program - What is learned, Where it is learned, How the learning is documented and demonstrated.

Four Step Inquiry Process for Career Pathways

Four Part Diagram describing the four areas of the pathway inquiry procedure.

With the assistance of the Pathways to Success Teachers and the school staff, students will utilize the tools found in myBlueprint. Through several visits with the Pathways to Success teachers, each student should be more prepared to make a well researched, informed and personalized choice regarding their post secondary destination and course selections.

For more information please contact: Paul Cogghe (North family of schools)

Brian Breault (South family of schools)

Pathways Information Slideshow

Pathways Parent Info Session

2018 PD session for Grade 8 Educators

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UCC November 28 Grade 7 8 teachers

2019 PD session for Grade 8 Educators