Pathways in Grade 7 & 8

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The goals of the grade 7 and 8 Pathways to Success program include:

    • Ensure that students develop the knowledge and skills they need to make informed education and career/life choices using an effective inquiry process.
    • Provide opportunities for this learning and exploration both in and outside of the classroom.
    • Engage parents and the broader community to support students in their learning.
    • Smooth pathway transition into secondary school

Structure of Career Planning Program

Outline of Career Planning program - What is learned, Where it is learned, How the learning is documented and demonstrated.

Four Step Inquiry Process for Career Pathways

Four Part Diagram describing the four areas of the pathway inquiry procedure.

With the assistance of the Pathways to Success Teachers and the school staff, students will utilize the tools found in myBlueprint. This web-based tool supports students from grade 7-12. It helps students to document their learning in education and career/life planning. As students complete their yearly work, students take responsibility for their learning and for planning their future. In large group, small group, and self-directed inquiry sessions through the grade 7 and 8 years students will develop and adapt their own pathway. Developing the Individual Pathways Plan increases students' awareness of their strengths and interests and of the related opportunities for learning and work. Students can then have a grander vision of their secondary timetable to include courses and forms of experiential learning opportunities (Co-op, Specialist High Skills Major program, Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program, Dual Credit) that align with their post secondary pathway.

Through several visits with the Pathways to Success teachers, each student should be more prepared to make a well researched, informed and personalized choice regarding their post secondary destination.

Possible Grade 7 and 8 Topics for 2018-2019

Through monthly visits our comprehensive program will include topics and activities such as:

  • Identify students' strengths to help describe themselves
  • use myBlueprint "Who am I?" surveys to further reveal the characteristics that describe who they are
  • Create and enhance Portfolios to begin students' Individual Pathways Plan (IPP)
  • Utilize journal entries as a method to reflect on students' pathway development
  • Set short term personal and academic goals for the current year
  • Set long term goals for secondary, post-secondary, and career pathway
  • Provide experiential learning opportunities both on site and off site where applicable
  • Identify and explain possible pathways for post-secondary - workplace, apprenticeship, college, university
  • Build awareness of secondary opportunities to help reach the appropriate post-secondary pathway including:
                    • Applied or Academic courses
                    • SHSM (Specialist High Skills Major program)
                    • Co-operative education
                    • OYAP (Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program)
                    • Dual Credit
                    • SWAC (School Within a College)
  • Assist grade 8 students, teachers, and parents with grade 9 option sheets and course selection
  • Explore potential careers that match each students compatibility matches
  • Investigate the skills trades opportunities that exist in local job markets
  • Participate and follow up on activities at the Skills Challenges
  • Identify service learning opportunities in our local communities
  • Assist students and parents find ways to overcome potential barriers on their chosen pathway using tools such as the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) and the ONTransfer website
  • Provide small group and individual counselling for students and parents who have questions about their possible pathways

myBlueprint Links:

For more information please contact: Paul Cogghe (North family of schools)

Brian Breault (South family of schools)

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