Co-operative Education

What is Cooperative Education?

The cooperative education course consists of a classroom component and a placement component. Through these two components, the cooperative education course prepares the student for successful participation in a work placement; provides sufficient time and various opportunities at the placement to enable the student to apply and further develop the knowledge and skills acquired in the related course; and provides opportunities for the student to integrate the learning acquired in school and at the placement.  There are special summer co-op opportunities for Indigenous students.

Cooperative education courses may be planned as 2-credit or 4-credit courses, but a minimum of two credits are encouraged in order to ensure sufficient time at the placement for the student to fully achieve the required knowledge and skills.

With a new cooperative curriculum set for September 2018 the focus is on Health and Safety, Well Being, Transfer of Skills and Knowledge, The Inquiry Process and Building Capacity for Learning.

There are several Ministry programs that happen within the cooperative education. OYAP – an apprenticeship participation program, SHSM – a concentrated subject based program and Dual Credits – a reach ahead activity that allows high school students to enroll in a College program and earn both high school and college credits. 

View the Cooperative Education Fact Sheet.

Aboriginal Youth Summer Co-op Opportunities

OYAP Co-op

Summer School Co-op

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